There is concern that both options for the library may intrude and destroy sections of the Charles and Motee Rogers Reserve. The reserve, which is 6 hectares of vegetation and is the last of its kind in Highfields, is an endangered ecosystem.

The plan also mentions that, “Highfields enjoys a number of framing green spaces what are important element of the town’s fabric. The town centre Draft Master Plan should respond to reinforce their role in the town by creating meaningful connections with this open space resource”.

There are large environmental impacts of the removal of trees and vegetation as a result of the implementation of this plan. There is a significant stand of remnant open eucalypt forest in Clarke Rd. On pages 14, 21, 27, 32, 37 the author indicates that “Highfields is characterised by the surrounding bushland and therefore its inclusion is an important driver for the Draft Master Plan”, that the development precinct “needs to embrace the bushland setting and support conservation of this local resource” and create a “distinctive sense of place and economic offer through the preservation and enhancement of forest reserves integrated into town centres”.

Why not integrate the existing bushland in Clarke Rd into the Plan, which would provide far greater improvement in amenity and integrate a true bushland experience that would otherwise take 100 plus years to regrow.

Destroying trees in both Clark Rd and in the Rogers Reserve to then later plant other trees to replace them, is quite simply ludicrous.