Hands off our Schools


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Hands off our Schools

To whom it may concern

In regards to the TRC's draft Cultural Precinct Master plan, I will not accept roads going through any School grounds or any alterations to Highfields that puts our children's safety at risk!.

In particular I would like to draw your attention to page 26 of the above plan. It can be clearly seen that the TRC plans to put a road through a school's grounds. Surely, the TRC recognizes this is a school and the implication to children's safety putting a road through a school will cause. If Archipelago had spent any actual time consulting with the community , they would know that the school uses the ovals every day as part of the school's lunch time areas and 100's of students go there to play twice a day!. They would also have found out that the school owns the basketball courts the road is drawn through. This road effectively cuts the school in half leaving children having to cross a road for normal lunch time activities.

I wish to state I am against the safety of children being put at risk, land acquisition of school grounds and in particular against the forced land acquisition at Mary Mackillop Catholic College!

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