Stage One of the Draft Highfields Cultural Precinct Master Plan includes:
• the resumption of up to 14 homes (these residents have still not been consulted by Council about this);
• changes to the housing diversity and affordability by changing residential zoning low-medium density. This is mentioned on page 18, “The Draft Master Plan should consider opportunities for exemplar medium density mixed use development of 2-4 storeys around the town centre and consider the support of a catalyst project to telegraph best practice standards to the development community” (this would affect the peaceful, safe and relative low rate of crime that we currently enjoy);
• in relation to new urban development the Local Plan states on page 5 “The design of these areas needs to be sympathetic to the existing local character and create a distinct sense of place.” No consideration at all has been given to the existing residents around Stringybark St, Clarke Rd and Fairview Cr, where homes are being destroyed and quiet cul-de-sacs turned into main roads;
• an urban focus on turning Highfields into a “town” (we are a suburb of Toowoomba);a focus on development (this plan was presented to the Urban Development Institute of Australia even before it was open to residents and public feedback); and
What it fails to actually state is that it plans on extending Fairview Cres through to Glen Crescent to connect to Highfields Road and Anderson Court to connect to Kratzke Road. These changes would require the resumption in these areas alone of up to 9 properties. This would add to the houses being resumed on Highfields Rd, Stringybark St and possibly Clarke Rd.