New Library

The two proposed positions of the new library is of concern! The plan proposes to build a new library, and for it to be the catalyst project of the cultural precinct.

  • Page 42 depicts Option 1 – this proposes that the library be placed in the Charles and Motee Rogers Reserve by weaving the library through significant trees on site; and
  • Page 44 depicts Option 2 – this proposes closing the current entrance of Community Ct and placing the library on the corner of Balmoral st and O’Brien Rd. To implement this proposal, trees would still need to be felled to house the library.

There is concern that both plans may intrude on the Charles and Motee Rogers Reserve. The reserve, which is 6 hectares of vegetation and is the last of its kind in Highfields, is an endangered ecosystem.

There is no disputing that a new library is needed, however, providing options that don’t sacrifice the reserve would be beneficial. The Council Have Your Say Survey only includes these two options and won’t allow you to submit your survey without choosing one of the options, therefore, leading to false data.