Population Growth

The Master Plan states that Highfields has been identified as a key growth area and is expecting a large population increase of 10000 people over the next 20 years.

The population data quoted to justify the major changes in road structures is outdated. Page 7 quotes data from as far back as 2006 (11 years ago!) and the population data used in regard to the doubling of the population by 2031 is already 6 years out of date. Assertions that the road grid needs to cope with a doubling of traffic are questionable with outdated information.

The plan changes the housing diversity and affordability by changing residential zoning low-medium density. This is mentioned on page 18, “The Draft Master Plan should consider opportunities for exemplar medium density mixed use development of 2-4 storeys around the town centre and consider the support of a catalyst project to telegraph best practice standards to the development community”.

New accurate statistics need to be used when implementing such a large change to a community that affects our valued lifestyles